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Sell RIFT Platinum Process
Do you ever want to transfer to different server or would like to sell for money or even for other game currency? At PCGamerUSA, selling and exchanging can't be easier. Just follow these simple steps, you can fulfill your desire in just 10 minutes!

  • Specify whether you would like to sell or exchange then place an order.
  • Contact our 24/7 customer support by click on Live Chat icon.
  • Transfer your to our account.
  • If you are selling , we will send money to your PayPal, Western Union, Webmoney account.
  • If you are doing Exchange with us, we will deliver the Adena to your prefered character and server.
  • If you want to exchange to different game currency or service, please specify in the comment field.
Note: Unfulfilled orders will be deleted after 48 hours.

First Name:  
Last Name:  
Contact Email:  
Phone Number:  
Sell/Exchange Quantity:     Million
Select Server
Comments/Other Information: (Optional)

Delivery Information:

We will perform an one time only verification for the first time buyer. After you made purchase please contact our customer support via Live Chat to start the order verification process. For detail please refer to Order Verification. After we verified your order, we will deliver the adena immidately. For any future orders, there will be no verification needed.

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